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UNCW Emergency and Safety Information

May 2019

UNCW: Designated as a Disaster-Resistant University

Designated as a Disaster-Resistant University, UNCW promotes a safe environment on campus through education, response and well-practiced plans for a variety of emergencies. The UNCW Alert system includes multiple communication tools that the university may deploy during an emergency.

During an emergency, pay close attention to the UNCW homepage, emails, text messages, Facebook, Twitter, phone calls and other communications from the university.


Student Notifications

Student phone numbers are automatically registered to receive UNCW Alert emergency notifications by voice and text message. Students should follow these instructions to review or update their contact numbers. UNCW strongly encourages students to remain in the service to ensure they are always automatically contacted in the event of an emergency, but individuals may opt out by following these instructions.

Faculty-Staff Notifications

Only faculty and staff who have voluntarily registered their cell phone numbers with the university will receive UNCW Alert emergency text messages and voicemails during the test and in actual emergency situations. UNCW strongly encourages faculty and staff to register for these alerts. Please see these instructions (PDF) to register for the service, change contact numbers or opt out.

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