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October 2008

The  United  National  Centre  for  Sensor Research (UNCSR)  was established in October 2008 as a means of   promoting and encouraging communication between members of the NCSR. The society aims to provide a platform for NCSR members to showcase their  research  through organised events, eg, seminars and workshops, and to strengthen the sense of community and belonging within the NCSR by hosting social events. 
The UNCSR held their first Electoral General Meeting on Wednesday 29th October in S206/209. The meeting was a great success with a large number  of  researchers, from a number of different groups in attendance. 

September 2008

The NCSR is putting together a society to encourage cohesion within the NCSR and to promote communications between Academics, Principal Investigators Post-Doctoral and Post- Graduate researchers. The society, known as the UNCSR, United National Centre for Sensor Research, will provide a platform for NCSR members to showcase their research through organised events, for example, seminars and workshops. The UNCSR will also strive to strengthen a sense of community and belonging within the NCSR, by hosting social events and embracing the various cultures that comprise the NCSR. An Electoral General Meeting (EGM) is being held in S206 on Tuesday 28th October at 5 pm. These elections are open to every member of the NCSR and we encourage as many members as possible to become involved in this initiative. The committee positions to be filled at this EGM are: 
•  Chairperson 
•  Vice-Chairperson 
•  Secretary  
•  Treasurer 
•  Public Relations Officer (PRO) 
•  Events Coordinator 
•  First Year Representative