Bambi Shen Memoir

 WRONG ...WRONG…WRONG… her mother’s
words sounded like a gong, over and over, tolling the doom
of her destiny—a Chinese born the undesired gender. These
words permeated the youth of author Bambi Shen, who, like
all Chinese women, has had to contend with the legacy of
millennia of cultural subordination and oppression of women.

This moving memoir paints life in WWII Japanese concen-
tration camps from Bambi’s three-year-old eyes. Near-death
experiences there, as interpreted by her Buddhist nanny,
formed the foundation of Ms. Shen’s philosophy of living in
gratitude and being of service to others. In the darkest days
of the internment, her diplomat father taught her to learn to
thrive in spite of any outer circumstances.

Still, surviving concentration camps and wars seemed easier
than breaking free from her mother’s criticisms and negative
prophecies. Bambi’s escape from these took the form of aca- demic success, enabling her to receive a Catholic scholarship
and make her way to college in the United States.

Arriving with only $500 in her purse, Bambi learned to look
for the gate in every wall. With the help of the nuns of St.
Catharine College and the teachings of Unity, Bambi found
her voice and her strength and went on to build a thriving life
over the next five decades. Having endured and overcome racial
discrimination and domestic violence, Bambi has become a
teacher of cross-cultural understanding and an advocate for
the empowerment of women everywhere.