Bambi Shen with her dog, Chou-Chou (”shoo-shoo”)


                    From her complex roots as the female child of a Chinese diplomat in

                    French Indochina, Bambi Shen has navigated vast geographic and cultural

                    terrain to become a businesswoman, author, teacher, international

                    tour director, public speaker, interpreter, and co-founder of a not-for-profit

                    charitable organization. She received a B.A. from Catholic Siena

                    College in Memphis, Tennessee, and a M.A. in French Language and

                    Literature from the University of Missouri, Kansas City.


                    Ms. Shen makes her home in the heart of Kansas City, Missouri, with her

                    husband, two international students and three dogs.


                   She now uses her life and her stories to inspire and empower others to

                   be a beneficial presence in their world. Her invitation to all women is:

                   to support and challenge one another, to shatter the ceiling of mental

                   and cultural restrictions, to raise their sights and expand their horizons,

                   to call forth whatever is needed for growth and progress, to patronize

                   and promote one another’s businesses, and to work together to help

                   each other succeed.


Bambi Shen is available for select readings and talks.