What is it? It’s a gambling game with uncrating.

How do you play it? You bet on what item ill uncrate and if you’re right u win.

What do I need to bet? 2 keys.

What can I win? 4, 7 or 10 keys + the uncrated item.

What if the uncrated item is an unusual? Than you would get the unusual as jackpot but because i need som profit too you would have to pay 25% of the price of it for it (still you would get alot of profit) or let me keep it and let me uncrate another crate for you for free.

What do you mean with 4, 7 or 10 keys? Well if you bet on an item you get 4 keys if you bet on a strange part you get 7 keys if you bet on a hat you get 10 keys. And if you bet on a strange part (1 of three) you'll get 4 keys and if you bet on any hat (both) you'll get 7 keys and uncrated item


The process:

1.       You give the keys (or a MM that is an admin on the server we are playing on) to me and tell me what the item is u gamble on.

2.       I uncrate the crate and if the uncrated item is the item u betted on you’ll win the items! If it wasn’t what u guessed I keep the item and u get nothing.

3.       You can choose to bet again with the keys you have won so you would get your price minus a key and I uncrate again