UnCoRe Summer 2012
Undergraduate Computer Research at Oakland University

Welcome to the UnCoRe Summer 2012 program.  UnCoRe Summer 2012 is a research program that helps students prepare for a master's program.  This is accomplished by students researching under the advisement of a respected professor. This research program is sponsored  by the National Science Foundation (NSF) and is being conducted at Oakland University in the state of Michigan. 

For this particular program, a total of eleven students are broken up into multiple teams, each with their own topic to research. 

For this team, there are two topics being currently researched:
1.)  Locational Privacy in Smart-phones
2.)  VANET (Vehicular Ad Hoc Network)

The research team pursuing these two topics consist of Stephen Jarnagin and Dion Watson

The adviser in charge of managing the team is Dr. Huirong Fu. Dr. Fu is assisted by the graduates Jared Oluoch and Eralda Caushaj.