kind experiences pg5

I experience much courtesy daily, and i'm one of the elderly. help at the super markets, holding doors open, smiles, and a whole lot of love. I am so thankful for all you kind people. Even my young five year old great grandson takes my hand in his and guides me. God is all around.

When my mom was sick a few years back, the Elm Grove Women's Club called, and despite my mom not being a member, she had always helped out with their invitations for events and decorations, so they called when they heard my mom had severe shingles and said they always appreciated all she had done for them and added us to their "meal program" and I can't tell you how much it meant, and nothing tasted better than those meals that came with love from strangers at such a difficult time. I will never forget it.

I will never forget the family that took me in when I was having problems at home, school and hiding out from a gang member and on the run, I was 15 and scared and had no one to believe my story, even my own family, they took me in and loved me and changed my fate forever and literally saved my life! it changed the way I am with people and I pass it on in return, All because a guy at school who didnt even know me took me home and said "you need to meet my mom" that guy will always be a brother in my heart and his sisters my sisters and his mother my Moomf xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox, I love you all so deep still to this day, 20 years later.