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I take pictures of sunrises each AM often where there are early fisherman. One great sunrise morning I was at a different location. the fisherman worried and took a picture and had copies made for me. A stranger's kindness made my whole week.

In the early 2000s I was in graduate school going through an incredibly hard time in my life – the toughest time I had ever experienced because of great personal trauma – and I was taken under the wing of one of my professors. Under this tutelage I began understand numbers and statistics in a fundamentally different way, which eventually led to my current career. On top of that, at Christmas, I was given a gift as a “pay it forward”, $500, which not only helped my tremendously at the time but has continued to fund generosity ever since in varying amounts. Large amounts are given rarely but with the same message - “Pay it forward”. Thank you, B.
Last week I was at walgreeens and two elderly ladies were shopping and had their cart (which is one of those small ones) full of 12 packs of soda. My goodness, there must have been 10 of them. The elderly lady was struggling with the cart since it was soo very heavy, so I asked them if I could push their cart to their car. So I did and they would not let me load it since they had someone in the car that brought them to load it into the car.

I was standing in line at the gas station yesterday: a child stood in front of me, patiently waiting her turn, clutching a bottle of chocolate milk. Finally, the child's turn in line came and she realized she didn't have enough money for the milk she desired. She begged the clerk " please, this is for mommy, i need to give this to her, she doesn't feel good." Hearing this concerned me, so i quickly helped the young girl pay for the milk as she smiled at me. I asked the girl "does your mommy need help, i can help her?!" I proceed to follow the hurried child outside as she stated, "ok". As i approach the vehicle the girl directed me to, a mid-30s woman sat. She looked as if she was sleeping, ...turns out the woman was diabetic. I woke the woman to a half conscious state and had the little girl try to get her to drink the milk. I proceeded to the car, where i carried a first aid kit and was prepared for such an emergency. The woman was conscious by the time the ambulance arrived. So scary it was and i feared for this woman's safety .... and i didn't even know her. I just could not bear to think what would have happened...if..... things in this life happen for a reason.....give what u can to others for the karma b there....

This happened last summer, as I was driving down the road, I saw a few cars pulled of to the side of the road, broken down. I drove on without a second thought. Later I was thinking what if that was me? Soon after I encountered a van in the parking lot of a local grocery store with their hood up. This was my chance to see if I could help. I went over to see what I could do, and on my way I realized the were not speaking english. There was two young children, a grandmother, and a daughter. They were from Italy and the radiator house had come loose, and easy fix, but they had no tools, I had some in my truck. The daughter spoke some english and we communicated with hand signals and some broken translation. We fixed the hose, but during the fix we talked about how to make gnocchi, an itailian potato dumpling properly, as I had been trying for some time and could not get it right. What was a 5 or 10 minute fix turned into and hour of fun, laughing, and jokes. We all had smiles on our faces. A few weeks later I passed them at Mass at the Summerfest Ampatheater, we smiled and said hello. I dont thing either of us will forget that day.


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