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A friend of mine is married to a man who has worked his whole life in social service agencies. He currently works for a great food pantry in Chicago. My friend can never figure out what to give him for his birthday but had a great idea this year. She decided to surprise him with a large donation in his honor to the food pantry. Using social media and old-fashioned e-mail she was able to get friends and family and their extended networks to donate $1700 within just a few weeks. He was completely blown away by these acts of kindness from many people he didn't even know. See more about this story here:

Well you all did a great job of celebrating Stuart's life AND surprising him. The boys made one of those big checks to give him with the amount we had raised (so far). He was in shock and then screaming, "NO!, What? How did you do this?" Then he was silent and shaking his head for awhile. We got him good. With all the offline donations included, we made a $1,723.23 donation to Lakeview Pantry. We are both in awe of you all. Thank you for your generosity and for giving Stuart such a great birthday.
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Stuart has always been a hard one to give to at Christmas or his birthday. He never wants to have too much attention pointed in his direction. He never wants presents or any fuss (no fun!). The one thing that I know he values though is when his family members and friends support his work. 

He happens to currently work for one of the most amazing non profits in Chicago. Lakeview Pantry is a food pantry but so much more. They treat all the folks that come to them with such respect and they engage the community significantly, receiving the majority of their budget from small individual donations. I'm hoping to really surprise him with this effort and welcome any help towards spreading the word. Donating through this website is simple, fast and totally secure. It is also the most efficient way to support my fundraising efforts and give Stuart a big surprise.Many thanks for your support -- and don't forget to forward this to anyone who you think might want to donate too! 

xo, Lisa

p.s. I raised our goal because everyone has been so generous. I had no idea that this would take off. It's really amazing to watch the support roll out.

p.s.s. I'm really getting overwhelmed with emotion. We blew through the $750 goal! I guess I underestimated our peeps. Stuart is going to be a mess when he sees what you all have done!

I cook a four course meal for the people I live with every night, even when I am so sick that I can barely get outta bed. Just because I know it will make them happy and they will completely enjoy it even if I can't.

It was December 8, 2009
(This was two days after my brother Gregg had been murdered) I was in Brookfield at my folks' house. I had gone to Pick-N-Save grocery store that afternoon to pick up some additional snack food for my parents. It had snowed heavily the day before and that Tuesday and since my minivan had been parked outside at my parents' house, there was a lot of snow, especially on the roof of my car. Before I left the Pick-N-Save parking lot, I stopped my car and decided to try and brush off the snow from the roof of my car, unfortunately with very little success. A silvery tan Silverado truck (exactly like one of the trucks my brother Gregg had driven in his past) pulled into the parking lot and had pulled up towards where my minivan was parked. An older man got out and offered his snow brush extender so I could get the snow off the roof of my minivan. It may have been a simple gesture and a random act of kindness from a stranger, but the fact that it was an act done by a man in a silvery tan Silverado was very symbolic to me...and that experience (among many others) is still embedded in my memory to this day...

I take pictures of sunrises each AM often where there are early fisherman. One great sunrise morning I was at a different location. the fisherman worried and took a picture and had copies made for me. A stranger's kindness made my whole week.

In the early 2000s I was in graduate school going through an incredibly hard time in my life – the toughest time I had ever experienced because of great personal trauma – and I was taken under the wing of one of my professors. Under this tutelage I began understand numbers and statistics in a fundamentally different way, which eventually led to my current career. On top of that, at Christmas, I was given a gift as a “pay it forward”, $500, which not only helped my tremendously at the time but has continued to fund generosity ever since in varying amounts. Large amounts are given rarely but with the same message - “Pay it forward”. Thank you, B.
Last week I was at walgreeens and two elderly ladies were shopping and had their cart (which is one of those small ones) full of 12 packs of soda. My goodness, there must have been 10 of them. The elderly lady was struggling with the cart since it was soo very heavy, so I asked them if I could push their cart to their car. So I did and they would not let me load it since they had someone in the car that brought them to load it into the car.

I was standing in line at the gas station yesterday: a child stood in front of me, patiently waiting her turn, clutching a bottle of chocolate milk. Finally, the child's turn in line came and she realized she didn't have enough money for the milk she desired. She begged the clerk " please, this is for mommy, i need to give this to her, she doesn't feel good." Hearing this concerned me, so i quickly helped the young girl pay for the milk as she smiled at me. I asked the girl "does your mommy need help, i can help her?!" I proceed to follow the hurried child outside as she stated, "ok". As i approach the vehicle the girl directed me to, a mid-30s woman sat. She looked as if she was sleeping, ...turns out the woman was diabetic. I woke the woman to a half conscious state and had the little girl try to get her to drink the milk. I proceeded to the car, where i carried a first aid kit and was prepared for such an emergency. The woman was conscious by the time the ambulance arrived. So scary it was and i feared for this woman's safety .... and i didn't even know her. I just could not bear to think what would have happened...if..... things in this life happen for a reason.....give what u can to others for the karma b there....


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