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A friend and I went out to eat. It was raining and we had walked to the restaurant under an umbrella. A young man and young woman came out of that same restaurant and were contemplating the rain. I asked my friend if he really needed the umbrella. He said no. So I told the couple to take the umbrella. They were very happy to do so and left.

This made me feel good. BUT...

When we entered the restaurant and sat down, there were two other men at a table in the window. One man came up to me and said, "excuse me, but did you know those people that you gave your umbrella to?" I said, "no, why?" "You didn't?! You see, that was just one of the nicest things I've seen a person do. It just really made my day!" He smiled so big and his friend did to.

My friend and I sat, had a good meal and conversation.


My dad was diagnosed with skin cancer in april 2005. I went with him to all the chemo, radiation treatments, Dr. visits, did his home hospice right up to the end.

But when he was still doing well...he was parked in a parking lot and a UPS truck backed into his car..major dents. So we went to 3 different mechanics. 1st was $3,500 2nd was $3,200 walked into the last 1 and the man seemed like a rough mechanic type...he looked over the car and said "how much is your deductible?" Dad said its $1000" guy says "i don’t quite know why I'm saying this as i'll actually be LOSING money...but I'll do it for free' dad and I just sat there.

We didn’t know him. He didn’t know about my dad as he was still looking pretty good at that time. So dad said " well no...u have to make SOME money" guy said 'nope! Im paying it forward" so as we left...I told dad I "forgot" my purse inside...i walked back in crying telling the mechanic dad had incurable cancer and had 6-9 months to live. He cried and said "he just looked like a guy who needed a break" at lunch I told dad about what the mechanic said.

As I was telling him, dad was watching an older gentleman struggle to get his elderly wife into their minivan. Dad didn't say a word to me and just walked over and introduced himself and got the elderly lady into the minivan. The elderly gentleman offered dad money. Dad said no and told him about what just happened at the auto said "pay it forward". We finished our lunch and as we were pulling out of the lot...I saw the elderly gentleman give a bag of food from the restaurant to the man who looked homeless.

At the 1 yr anniversary of dads death...instead of moping...we sent up balloons with a note attached that said "if u find 1 nice thing in my dads name" I wonder some times if those balloons were found and if they touched anyone else's lives and if the homeless guy kept the chain going??

So my 10 year old son came home from school and shared and experience he had at school where a couple classmates were picking on an academically challenged classmate of his. My son took a stand and approached them, all 60lbs of him, and asked them if they wanted to be treated that way themselves which steered them away from their bullying behavior.

It didn't gain him any popularity with the tough guys but none the less, he came home beaming and proud of helping someone who needed someone in their corner.. someone other than a teacher or parent. I am proud of my son, for being kind and know that as he continues to grow into a man, whether he choses to be as bold ever again, that at his christian core he is willing to take a stand and come the aid of those less advantaged. You have to wonder the impact of this action on those who witnessed his act of courage. :)