Page 08-Camp Forrest,TN

From September 18, thru December 19, 1942, Ralph was stationed at Camp Forrest, Tennessee. It was here that he continued his military training and went on maneuvers.

 One of Ralph's friends.

 One of Ralph's friends.

Ralph, in front of his field gear.
One of Ralph's friends.

 Ralph...and he appears to be cleaning his M1 Garand rifle.

 Ralph, in front of his pup tent.

Ralph at ease with his rifle.


Ralph at attention with his rifle.

On October 18, 1942, Ralph sent this postcard to his sister Millie.

he writes: "Dear Millie. I just got your letter tell me that you got my five dollars. That good. And mother became citizen. I am still in Tennessee. I go to city once week to ______ a nice place. I have a good time in. 
Your brother   PVT Raffaele."