Experts say 1 in 5 Australian children are overweight or possibly obese. The problem lies with the food their parents serve them or buy them when eating out of home.

For many years Uncle Harry's Natural foods has been producing the healthy foods these parents are now looking for.  Fresh, quality Australian vegetables and whole grains blended together, formed into popular serving shapes, and oven baked.

Time poor parents can create healthy meals in minutes for the entire family heating and serving Uncle Harry's vegetable burgers, steaks, or bites.  Basically, Uncle Harry has moved vegetables from the edge of the plate to the centre of the plate.  

Over it's 20 years, Uncle harry's has expanded  it's range from one burger size in one flavour to over thirty items in four flavour varieties.

Most popular items are available in home delivered packages, frozen for long term storage but quickly thawed (defrosted) overnight in a fridge or in minutes in a microwave.
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