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    I have created this site to handle the questions I get about electricity and off grid living.
My hope is to eventually write a series of small books and make them available for a very low cost.
there seems to be a great need for this as most of the information you find online or on stores is incomplete and usually geared towards making a sale.
    The menu to the left has links to each book as I write it and if possible a link to download it for free. As they are fully editied and published I will place a link to the page where they can be purchased (most publishers require I stop giving away content for free once I publish)
    I welcome questions and comments sent to me at solar@donphinney.com and will attempt to address and include them in my books.
Please read through the information already posted before you email me with questions that are already covered.
to the left is the site navigation menu with the document(s) as I have them created at this point.
I will continue to update both this site and the documents as time and inspiration allows.