Clean Coder Gear

Donate to the charities below and we'll send you Clean Code stuff for yourself and your team.


You read the books! 
Why dog-ear when you 
can use a bookmark? 
Limited time. 


$5 Donation

Clean Code
Laptop Sticker

$10 Donation

The now famous
Green Band

come in S, M, & L

$12 Donation

The 1 & Only

Clean Coder

Can Coozzie

for all of your beverage








         Clean Code

Mouspad?  Who uses those anymore? Who cares?
This one will always be a reminder. 

$25 Donation

Clean Code

come in M, L & XL
Modeled by
my lovely daughters.
(Not included)

$25 Donation

 Clean Code


You asked for it; here it is. Your very own brain squeezing, beige hat.



Clean Code

come in M, L & XL

    $50 Donation

Imagine how impressed everyone will be as you take your place at the stand-up meeting with a

Clean Code
Coffee Mug.


    $150 Donation


 A Signed copy of:

 Clean Code
 The Clean Coder
or Clean Architect

  Send us proof of your donation, your name and shipping address, and a note describing how you'd like the book signed.  

Supplies are limited.

To receive one or more items:

  1. Decide how much you want to donate. The above suggestions are per item!
  2. Send the appropriate donation to one of the charities below.
  3. Send an email to requesting the items you want. We'll trust that you've sent your donation ;-).
  4. Make sure you include your email and shipping address (include size preference for t-shirts & bands).
  5. We ship all over the world.
5/17/2017: If, since December, you emailed and have not heard back please contact with the original email. 


Families at the Dump

This is a small and capable organization that supports the people who live and work at the Puerto Vallarta dump. These folks are prospectors, looking for recyclables. They pay a license fee to the city for this right. They work all day following the dump trucks from the resorts, opening garbage bags, and collecting plastics, glass, copper wire, and other recyclables. They then sort and prepare these materials at night, and during times when the dump trucks aren't running. Finally they sell the materials to recycling companies.
Send your donation to:
Families at the Dump
c/o BLC Enterprises
23792 Rockfield Ste. 250
Lake Forest, CA 92630
Write Clean Code on the check.

Feed The Children

This is a very well known and well run charity that does a good job for children around the world.

Food for the Poor

A well respected international charity.

Save a Pet

An animal shelter in our neighborhood.
Save-A-Pet is a not-for-profit, no-kill adoption center dedicated to finding loving, quality homes for each cat and dog in its care. Our adoption center strives to create an environment which enhances both awareness of and support for the humane treatment of animals.

Astronomy Cast

The best astronomy podcast in the known universe.
Just click the Donate button on their web page.

Rock of Africa

A mission delivering hope to the struggling people of sub-Saharan Africa.  A plague of disease, fear, and death is consuming the region and hope is in short supply.  ROCK of Africa Mission provides food, clothing, medicine, education about HIV/AIDS, support to pastors, support to schools, care for orphans, vocational training and comfort to the sick and dying.