University of North Carolina Hospitals
Pharmacy Residency Leadership Certificate

Why this development is important

Program Vision  

Developing leaders in pharmacy who will serve others, improve their communities, and advance the profession 

Program Mission and Goals

To distinguish UNC pharmacy residents as leaders, we will:
  • Foster resident self-awareness, social awareness and altruism for their communities
  • Provide transferable and individualized experiences for residents to develop as leaders
  • Enrich existing residency components by integrating leadership development opportunities
  • Establish participants as role models for leadership within the department

Learning Objectives

By the end of the program, participants will be able to:
  1. Define the eight facets of principle centered leadership
  2. Demonstrate growth in one of the four aspects of Emotional Intelligence
  3. Identify personal strengths and strategies to leverage individual strengths in future pursuits
  4. Understand how to build collaborative relationships with colleagues, mentors, and mentees
  5. Adapt communication style to influence audiences and reach desired outcomes
  6. Develop strategies to hold oneself and each other accountable in group settings
  7. Appreciate the personal and communal benefits of altruism
  8. Describe innovation constraints at the individual, group, organization, and market level and identify strategies to overcome these innovation constraints 

Education Philosophy

We are not in the business of Leadership training. This program aims to develop, coach, and mentor leaders. A one-size fits all model will not be packaged and delivered to participants. Instead, leaders will develop through an individualistic, collaborative, flexible, and hands on approach utilizing known methods for effective learning (see "The Learning Pyramid").

Core Competencies
  • Self-Awareness                   
  • Adaptability                                     
  • Accountability
  • Communication                 
  • Relationship Building                  
  • Service
  • Creative Thinking
Certificate Facilitators
Directors: Chad Hatfield, Danielle Griggs, David South
    Program Implementation: Danielle Griggs
    Program Growth: David South
Leadership Topic Series: Ed Sredzienski and Mary Roth
Leadership in Motion Project: Chad Hatfield and Danielle Griggs
Leadership Assessment: Kayley Lyons and Kalynn Rohde
Mentoring: Brian Murray and Rachel Lebovic
Online Components: Daniel Cronin and Danielle Griggs