Original Oratory

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In Original Oratory speakers present a memorized 10 minute self-written speech about any topic they choose. Speeches can be written about a problem and a solution(s), to inform the audience about a topic, person, or issue, or anything else with a benefit to the audience. Speakers usually use the same speech at multiple tournaments for up to a year.

From the National Forensic League:

Orators are expected to research and speak intelligently, with a degree of originality, in an interesting manner, and with some profit to the audience, about a topic of significance. Although many orations deal with a current problem and propose a solution this is not the only acceptable form of oratory. Your oration may simply alert the audience to a threatening danger, strengthen its devotion to an accepted cause, or eulogize a person. An orator is given free choice of subject and judged solely on the effectiveness of development and presentation.

From the National Catholic Forensic League:

Students prepare original orations, usually persuasive or informative on a current topic. Any topic is permissible and any form of oration is permitted. The presentation must be memorized, with a maximum length of ten minutes.