Dramatic & Humorous Interpretation (NFL)

AKA DI & HI, Drama & Humor                                                                                                               Dramatic Performance (NCFL)
                                                                                        AKA DP
In all of these events, a published piece (from a play, screenplay, or other work) is cut to ten minutes and presented by the speaker, with a special emphasis on distinguishing the characters from each other. In National Forensic League tournaments and rules, dramatic pieces and humerous pieces are seperated into the two events of Dramatic Interpretation and Humorous Interpretation. The National Catholic Forensic League has one event, Dramatic Performance, that can contain pieces of both a serious and humorous nature. The piece must be memorized and without costumes or props.
From the National Forensic League:
Dramatic Interpretation

This is an individual category in which the selections are dramatic in nature. Selections shall be cuttings from published-printed novels, short stories, plays, poetry, or any other printed-published materials. Presentations must be memorized, without props or costumes. The time limit is 10 minutes which includes an introduction.

Humorous Interpretation

This is an individual category in which the selections are humorous in nature. All other rules are the same as Dramatic Interpretation.

From the National Catholic Forensic League:

Dramatic Performance


Students present selections from published plays, screenplays, fictional or non-fictional work that are either serious or humorous in nature. The selections must be memorized with a maximum length of ten minutes.