What is EcoReps?

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Our Vision
EcoReps strives to make environmental, economic, and social sustainability a core value for all Carolina students. By engaging directly with students from every corner of the campus community, EcoReps seeks to create universal awareness and support for campus sustainability.

EcoReps is a student led organization that is committed to providing campus-wide peer-to-peer outreach in support of UNC Chapel Hill's many sustainable practices, programs, and initiatives. 

Students can become certified EcoReps by completing a 1-day training session, in which they learn what it means to sustainable at Carolina and how to educate other students on leading sustainable lives. 

EcoReps Outreach Opportunities Include: 
  • Presentations and activities for student groups and residence halls
  • Interactive educational displays
  • Sustainability walking tours of the campus and specific high performance buildings. 
EcoReps are always looking for new and exciting ways to reach the campus community. Please contact us if you have any ideas, questions, or would like to partner with EcoReps on any of the opportunities above. 

Contact Us!
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Visit our Twitter page: @UNCEcoReps 

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Send us an email at ecoreps.uncch@gmail.com.