Here is a glance at our annual events. We collaborate with other student organizations as much as possible and many of our events would not be possible without UNCA Health and Counseling Center, Speak Up, Student Government Association, Native American Student Association, SAIL and many other organizations.

RELAX series- Each August, the first five weeks of school, we base new events on the acronym RELAX to engage new students (both residential and commuter) and help them adjust to their new life on the UNCA campus. These events have included healthy cooking on a budget, accepting the differences of your peers, making crafts for your dorm room, learning the importance of reusable products, fun ways to stay active during the semester, exploring yourself and new interests, etc.

Alcohol Abuse Prevention Weekend- One week in October dedicated to educating students on the effects of alcohol and how to make responsible decisions while still having fun. This includes events such as root beer keg social, mocktails, drunk driving simulation on the quad, costume dance, and more.

World AIDS Day- In collaboration with Alliance or community organizations, we provide testing information, free goodies, and other materials to spread the color red around campus and educate students on this important issue.

Stress relievers during exam week- In order to maintain a little sanity during the hectic week of exams, each semester we provide activities such as making zen gardens, coloring mandalas, playing with therapy dogs, journaling, walking the UNCA labyrinth, and more. We provide the materials to make crafts during the UNCA traditional exam breakfast and karaoke night! Also, there is an "alternative study session" each semester that allows students to inhabit a peaceful room on campus equipped with tutors, healthy snacks, massages, neutral lighting, and comfortable furniture. For most students, this is a welcomed change to their usual study space.

Lovefest- We collaborate with the Student Government Association for a week long exploration of relationships, sex, communication, consent, friendships, family, dealing with loss, and other such topics. This includes lectures, games, movies, and other special events in the month of February.

National Eating Disorder Awareness Week- In collaboration with community organizations, we provide events that bring awareness to the complex issues of disordered eating. This may include movies, panels, and open discussions.

Safe Spring Break- Each March, in the weeks before spring break, we provide students with the information needed to stay healthy during their spring break trips. We provide condoms, condom cases, sunscreen, lotion, sunglasses, rape whistles, etc. It is important to us that spring break is as safe as it is fun for each student.

Saving Private Parts- Students decorate bras and boxers while learning about the symptoms and treatment of testicular cancer, ovarian cancer, and breast cancer.  We encourage students to learn how to examine themselves and to maintain regular doctor appointments.

This is just a sample of the events that we are invested in and we are always open to suggestions for new events.