Welcome to the Google Site for Google Drive Unburied My Desk, originally created as a CUE Rockstar Vegas session by the wonderful, handsome, and modest Doug Robertson.

When students have access to Google Drive in their home lives and school lives age-old statements like, "I lost my paper" will become a thing of the past. Cloud computing is becoming a core feature of many operating systems, so students need familiarity now in order to be successful going forward into upper grades, college, and careers both domestic and global. This session, geared towards beginners just discovering Drive, will provide hands-on, consequence-free guided practice and experimentation which can lead to easy implementation in any classroom, no matter the tech level.

In this session we will learn how to share, co-edit, and create using Drive.

Using Drive students can turn in work and receive actionable, immediate feedback. No more carting folders full of paper back and forth to the car. 

Drive will allow for mobile connectivity, using phones and laptops in class. Rather than waste paper having students write draft after draft all the editing can be done online. Even grading can be done online, which means you can share a document directly with connected parents. Assuming there is Internet connectivity at home (not a guarantee) this makes homework easier. It also means teachers can check progress without pesky Check In dates. TEACHER ISSUE: this will make it easier to work from home. Beware.

You can also work with students in other classes/schools/states/countries. Students can model editing to younger classes, pen pals without stamps or wait time. Global collaboration is now possible with the click of a button. 

If you are able to fully implement Drive into your classroom and parents have the ability to support at home, you will no longer hear this list of excuses from your students: