Zombie Killer

Zombie Killer unblocked Spree is a awesome top-down shooter game for those who love zombies which you can play online for free at unblocked 69. Imagine living through the zombie apocalypse, and all you can think about is staying alive. If you enjoy killing zombies then you must definitely play the survival challenge. You can guide the brave character through terrifying levels filled with blood-soaked zombies, and eliminate them all before they can take over your life as well as eat you brain!

The shooter will shoot at the attackers, your goal is to shield him from danger and to keep an eye out for those disgusting scumbags. At the end of each level, you'll be capable of upgrading your character. When you've finished all the levels you will be able to unlock a new weapon. be made available for you to begin a new Zombie Killing Spree. Enjoy yourself with Zombie Killing Spree!

Controls include: Mouse