Tactical Assassin 2

Tactical Assassin 2 unblocked is a fantastic sniper shooting game with straight forward missions and outstanding weapons. You are a formidable sniper and your mission is to eliminate certain individuals. You will get a list of objectives at the beginning of every mission. Aim and shoot with your mouse to earn money and buy new equipment in the store to complete your goals. Always keep in mind to have enough ammunition for your next task.

This sniper game is one of a kind. You don't only need an eagle eye and a steady hand but also must be a quick thinker. Who is the person you have to assassin? Be careful not to hit any innocent civilians or your mission will be a miserable failure. Read the instructions carefully and take on the task. Upgrade your rifle and optics to shoot even more precisely. Have fun with Tactical Assassin 2 online and for free on unblocked games 6969!

Controls: Mouse