Swamp Attack

Swamp Attack is a cool shooter game that is based on physics and that is influenced in Crush the Castle. Take on enemy structures and take out all Orcs on every level. Shoot and aim with your mouse. The game is very addicting as each level becomes more difficult, and you'll get more powerful cannons that shoot through all the towers of your opponents. Are you thinking of firing a porcine to make cannon? In this fun game, you'll have the chance to shoot with pigs.

Take your aim with precision and learn from your last shot what you can do you can improve your shot next time. Make sure to hit the wooden boxes. They are likely to explode in flames and aid in your quest to destroy the towers and enemies in the game. Make sure you earn 3 stars for every level using as small cannon as much as you can. Are you prepared to take on your foe? Find out, and have lots of enjoyment playing Orcs on the internet and for free at Unblocked Games 6969!

Controls include: Mouse