Stick Badminton 2

Stick Badminton 2

The Stick Badminton 2 Unblocked sport is a kind of similar sport to tennis but the differences between tennis and badminton that badminton sport's ball is not round like tennis ball and badminton ball is maden by goose-quill and it has a different shape and there is also some differences between both of them's rackets. Your aim in this sport is, to hit the ball way to the opponent'sarea. 

If your rival fails to strike it back, you will have the score. In first chapter of this game, the flash game fans had so much fun. You can play this game against to computer's players or against to your friend like you did on chapter first. 


Move / Jump : "W,A,S,D"

Swing Racket : "SPACE"


Move / Jump : "ARROW KEYS"

Swing Racket : "M"