Spidey Swing

Spidey Swing is a thrilling Spiderman Rope swinging game is available online at no cost on unblocked 6969. You control your Peter Parker ragdoll in his Spidey costume throughout the game with his famous spider web. 

Make sure to leap from one place to the next by swinging your arms, then letting go and then shooting your powerful web. Make sure to avoid hitting walls and other obstacles with too much force or the unlucky, disguised superhero may be seriously injured, such as losing the arm or leg... and even his precious spidery life. You can earn three stars or more at each level and prove that you've got the skills to be the hero of your dreams.

Read the guide before embarking on your journey and determine if you'd prefer to control your red hero's actions using your keyboard or mouse. You can swing your rope in any direction as well as scroll through your rope to decide how far you'd like to swing. Are you prepared for this adventure in the high air? Find out more and then enjoy Spidey Swing!

Controls Arrows = swing/climb Space = let go/ shoot spider web