Skull Kid

Skull Kid unblocked is a funny and slightly macabre game for everybody, who wants to let off some steam. Walk around the office as the psycho and merciless Skull Kid and destroy everything and everyone in your way. Use deadly weapons such as chainsaws and firearms. Your goal is to walk all the way to the exit door and get to the next level without getting killed by the office workers.

Take your chainsaw and destroy everything that crosses your way, such as tables, couches, copy machines or even humans. Only if you make it to the exit door, your task is accomplished and you can move on to the next level. But be careful, soon your targets will defend themselves and you might be in serious danger yourself. Be ready to act fast and have fun with the funny game Skull Kid on unblocked games 69!

Controls: Arrows = move right / left, Space bar = shoot / use