Shell Shockers

Shell Shock io unblocked 6969 is a fantastic retro arcade game. You will control a tank, and the car can be upgraded in many different ways. You will discover many different types of weapons such as machine guns, simple cannons, a seagull, deadly spaghetti and even plasma grenades.

You can fight with your friends in a few clicks. You will join the battlefield in your own tank with up to 5 players in the real world, or you can team up in 3v3 matches. The game features over 200 unique weapons to ensure victory. In addition, each weapon is fully upgraded and constantly adds new features.

You will earn XP points after each round to level up your tank. From there, you will unlock hundreds of different items, from weapons to terrains to tanks. Currently, the game has 50 unique levels and 10 prestige modes. In particular, you will enjoy a challenging twist and activate the attractive "All-Shot" mode.

You need to register an account to be able to edit the tank and join other players. The game is easy to control using the mouse or the arrow keys to aim. Press A or D to move tanks, W or S to change weapons and space to fire. Shell Shock Live 2 was created by kChamp studio - the maker of the popular browser game Udder Chaos and Gravitex 2. Try to act to destroy the player and get the result worthy. The game is very fair, and you will need to pick the right weapon to conquer many wonderful and spectacular things.