Learn to Fly 2

Learn To Fly 2 unblocked is an exciting 2D arcade game. The game is the sequel to the first part of the game. The game was developed by Light Bringer Games. This game has unique graphics, suitable for all ages, especially children and families. A flash game so you can experience this game on the computer browser.

This game has 3 interesting modes for you: Story Mode, Classic Mode, and Arcade Mode. However, you need to complete the Story Mode to unlock the remaining modes. In Story Mode, there will be many different missions, and each mission is a challenge for you. You need to find out how to fly away, and you also have to crush dreams if you lack confidence.

You will use the arrow keys to change the angle of your penguin. You need to lean forward to move faster and try to reach the height. If you want more money, then you need to fly longer and faster (use rocket and press space). Do not forget to Smash the Snowman for more money, and you should not go too fast to avoid wasting momentum.

Your mission is to help the penguin fly as far as possible. The longer you fly the more money you have. You can use the money to upgrade at Shop, such as snowmobiles, gliders, races, loads ...

The current game has 35 achievements and many unique medals conquer. You will need lots of luck and have lots of fun looks. If you like this game you can also play other games with the same style as Hogs Fly, Kick The Critter ... or Learn To Fly 1.