Drive Ahead

Drive Ahead is a super entertaining time management game for burgers is available online at no cost on unblocked 69. The drive-thru burger is now open So be ready to serve the burgers requested as fast as you can. It's the time to sell delicious burgers to those who pass through your drive-through. Be attentive to their requests prepare the food according to what they would like it and serve it on time to earn profits. That's all!

There will be burger patties as well as lettuce, tomatoes, and cheese, all of which will make delicious burgers to serve your clients. Are you able to work under pressure? Or are you going to become stressed and make errors? When your burger is contaminated with the incorrect ingredients, you will must remove it from the menu and start over. Are you prepared? Find out now and have enjoyment by playing Drive Ahead!

Controls Include: Mouse