Dogeminer 2

Dogeminer 2 unblocked is the improved version of the fun Dogecoin mining simulator game. The meme clicker game is back, this time the hard working dog wants to go to the Moon. Click without a break on the gold to earn lots of dogecoins and buy equipment and help for a higher income flow. Upgrade your equipment and find surprise boxes. Get rid of intruders and fly to the moon to keep mining until your clicking finger hurts.

On the moon you can employ a moon base, a moon shibe, a dodge car or a lander shibe to start and help you to do less yourself but earn more money at the same time. Open the mooncrate to see what's in there and get lots of unexpected valuables to help you get richer. Switch between Earth and Moon and have your workers mining for you every minute. Have fun with Dogeminer 2, a free online clicker game on unblocked games!

Controls: Mouse