Disc Us

Disc Us unblocked is an online multiplayer game of social deduction where you must collaborate to survive. The game is based on the game of a similar name, Among Us but with different strategies and intriguing gameplay styles. With Disc Us, it's not over until the game's completed. If you are killed then you can respawn at the central hub. If you are exiled however, you are able to get back into the game by persuading others to make use of the key to access your jail.


If you're assigned a Traitor Disc, you must be as effective as you can in order to prevent other players from fulfilling their work. You can accomplish this by:

You could relocate Oxygen Tanks out of the Oxygen Floor and/or cover them away.

They can be killed repeatedly by turning into discs by pressing the spacebar button.

You can also move Orbs out of their homes

Make it harder for them to get away with it. Be careful not to be caught and avoid creating suspicion.

If you're assigned to Scientists If you are assigned as Scientists, you need to be quick to get the objects back to their appropriate spots. Orbs are located in the top space, Oxygen Hub in the middle square of the floor. Traitor Disc can still move them from the floor, but be aware when your oxygen number decreases. The garbage (banana peel) is disposed of to the trash vents in each of the farside or corner rooms. Orb Pedestals are in the area in which they are. They can be put there and they will be secured. Traitor Disks will be unable to remove them.

If you're suspicious of any player, or require a timeout, click the red button on the Center Hub.