Bowman unblocked is an old-school archery game in which you can test your archery skills. Aim your shot accurately, power up and fire the arrow from the bow in order to kill your opposing stickman. You can battle the computer or other players. The difficult part is, that you won't be able to see the exact distance to your rival.

Choose the right angle and the strength of the launch to reach your opponent. The line you draw before every shot defines the trajectory and the distance your arrow will fly. The longer the line is, the further it will get. Put your aiming skills to the test and kill all your enemies one by one. You will only win if your shot was fatal, small injures don't count. The fatal shot is the one right in the head or the middle of the body. Have fun with a free online game Bowman on unblocked games 6969 !

Controls: Mouse = Aim / Shoot