Are you ready for a new and exciting multiplayer adventure with Unblocked? You're one of the stars of the Betrayal movies and your goal is to play the roles of Betrayer and Crewmate as you try to eliminate your enemies without being seen, or you try to complete all sorts of tasks and survive to the end to win - only one of the two teams can win!

Betrayal unblocked 66 is a more realistic and graphically detailed version of the famous game Among Us, enjoy completing all sorts of tasks or annihilating other users who have joined the game.

Customize your character as you like and get the highest score to invest those points in buying upgrades and new skills for your character. Pay close attention to your surroundings and try to fall into the clutches of a player more powerful and experienced than you. Are you ready for unlimited fun? Good luck!

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Who created

This hilarious game was developed by End Game Studios can be also found in these platforms: