Axis Football League

Axis Football League unblocked: is a fun and fast-paced American Football game in which you can compete in various football matches and leagues. Choose from a range of different AFL teams including the San Diego Storm, New England Volunteers an the New York Rockets - each team has different stats and excels at different areas of football such as passing, blocking and rushing.

Before you start, you can choose from a range of different plays and formations - try to pick a strong formation that will help your team score a touchdown! During each play you control the quarter back and you must choose to either pass or make a run for it - if you pass, you will then take control of the next player who receives the ball. This game has an amazing amount of detail and true American Football fans will appreciate the complexity - step onto the pitch today and become a football legend!

Release Date

July 2010


Axis Football League is made by Axis Games.


Many team options with strength information

Various formations that you can use in the game

Complete American Football gameplay


This game is a web browser game.