Slitherio Unblocked

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Well the objective is to survive by making sure you get the glowing orbs and avoid hitting your snakes head to the body of other snakes, you can also consume other players after defeating them. The defeated player will have to start over again and there body will be turned into bright glowing consumable dots. To make the game a bit more interesting boost mode placed, which can be obtained by pressing the space button or clicking the mouse. This mode is helpful in defeating your opponent where you can get fast speed and your snake loses some of its mass. Like the old snake game there is also a border with which if you collide your snake will die. The winner of the game at the end of the day will be able to send a victory message to all the players. 

How to Make Your Snake Go Faster Slitherio 

When playing you must use strategies to try to kill as many snakes as possible so that you can grow your snake to be the biggest. You can either play it safe and collect small colorful dots for hours, or you can go after other snakes and become the biggest snake in the game in a matter of minutes. A great way to do this is to use a speed boost. A speed boost in slither will make your snake travel faster than the other snakes around you. Although a speed boost will make your snake go faster and give you an advantage when trying to make other snakes explode, it requires length to use a boost. When using a speed boost in, you are eating up your length and your snake will shrink. So you must only use the speed boost for a short period of time or else you will loose all your length and it will not be worth it. Be sure to use your extra speed wisely. To go faster you must double tap the screen and hold down on the second tap. To stop the speed boost, just release your finger. Play io Games