Yandere simulator

At the very beginning, Yandere Simulator unblocked game will talk about the fact that the main character is unhappy with what is happening in her personal life in the first year of school. Therefore, she constantly dreams of finding the only one who will love the most in the world. Just the next day, after she mentally made a desire to finally meet her love, on the way to school, she crashed into a guy who looked very similar to her ideal. Of course, the girl immediately falls in love with Senpai. The next day, Yandere witnesses a quarrel between Senpai and her childhood girlfriend. Fury towards this girl boils inside Yandere, and she decides to kill her. Some time has passed, and Yandere receives a text message with an offer to meet in one of the classes at school. Yandere-chan immediately thinks that it was Senpai who finally decided to confess his feelings to her. However, when she comes to the meeting, she meets the girl editor of the school newspaper there. She suggests that Yandera kill girls at school so that the newspaper sells better. Yandere immediately refused to do this, but after the editor said that Osana was going to confess love to Senpai on Friday, she immediately changed her mind and decided to agree.

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