Disc Us

Disc Us unblocked is a great game that is very similar to the Among US game. You have to play with real players, as in the original version. In each round there can be a certain number of players, starting from 4, ending, for example, 10. You can create a unique skin for your character, all the settings for the astronaut's clothing will be on the left on the screen. It will also be possible to add another hat of any type, so try to do this so that everything ultimately looks beautiful, and so that your character becomes unique. Depending on which role the game chooses for you, you will need to act on the basis of tasks. There are many rooms in each of which you will need to perform some tasks. If you have the role of traitor, you will have to do everything to quietly destroy the entire crew.

If you have a role to play for the traitor, then you will have to quietly destroy the crew members.

If you play for an ordinary crew member, then everything will need to be done to ensure that all mechanisms function properly. To do this, transfer oxygen, as well as other objects to the right places.

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