How to unblock access to in Dubai and UAE

UAE government is blocking access to many websites. This simple tutorial explains how to avoid censorship in UAE.

1) Go to, type in your custom domain name. It may be anything, but it is better to pick up names, which are easy to remember. .TK domains are free of charge!

1 step

    • Click "Use DNS" instead of "Forward this domain to" and copy/paste following IP address
    • Change "Registration length" to 12 months.
    • Type the characters that you see in the picture.
    • Click "Sign Up" button
2 step

3) To finish off the registration process you need to sign in using your email address or register via one of available services e.g. google or facebook.

4) If you create your account using your email address please be sure to confirm it. will send you a confirmation email. Check the spambox, if you are not able to find it.

Voila, you have just registered you private alias for It may take up to 30 minutes to get your domain work properly.
Please share this method (or your personal domain) with your friends! Fight the censorship in UAE!