Known Phrases in Una

KEL KO KEKA: why did you attack us?
DAN'AL CHO'EE'CHE, 'UMAN KO KEKA UNAS: while you Dan'al (Daniel Jackson) spoke peace, the humans killed Unas.
A TOK 'UMAN: a human that is different than the rest, a better human
KA CHA: away from harm
SHA NAT KA KEKA: to help one escape from impending doom (eg, "I was helping you escape the executioner.")
KA KEK: you don't have to kill
KA NAN TOK: Get out of my way!
SHO EYAY JAY: this thing is good (as in moral)
UNAS KO TOK ONAC: the Unas fight the Goa'uld
MAK TAL KO KAKEKA 'UMAN ONAC NAYA, ONAC KEKATA KEKA MAKTAL: The sacrifices fight the human hosts, but the goa'uld's staff weapons kill the sacrifices.
A CHA'KA AKANA, CHO'EE'CHE: hello, Akana. Please, sit.
AKANA, CHAKA KA CHA KA KEKA 'UMAN MAKTAL: Akana and Chaka don't kill the human sacrifices.