The Unas Language from the science fiction television series Stargate SG-1 is a simplistic constructed language that lends itself to quick, sharp sentences. It is spoken by the Unas, a primitive and strong clan-based race of humanoid aliens. All Unas words and sentences are said with animal emphasis (and as such all Unas words are fully capitalised), and are often repeated many times, either for strength or because the Unas is emotionally intense or feels its point is not being understood.

The Unas language is remarkably similar in certain respects to the Goa'uld language, suggesting to some a relationship. The syntax of the Unas language is the same as that of English: subject-verb-object. There are no known tenses in the Unas Language. The Unas language possess only one pronoun, KO, meaning 'we'. In all other instances, one either uses the proper noun, or excludes it entirely. For instance the sentence AKANA KEKA CHAKA (Akana kills Chaka) uses the proper nouns Akana and Chaka, with the verb KEKA (to kill).

The pronoun KO (we) is used very differently to its English counterpart. KO acts as a suffix, much like the suffix -men in Chinese. The above sentence AKANA KEKA CHAKA (Akana kills Chaka) has an entirely different meaning when KO is added; AKANA KO KEKA CHAKA (All the Unas named AKANA kill Chaka). However, KO can be eliminated entirely in some instances of extreme emphasis; KO CHA (we will stay).