Elmo and Smartboard

Connecting your document camera (ELMO or other) to play through your computer is easy and may open up many new and exciting ways for you to interact with your SmartBoard.  In order to get started, you will need a couple things.

Step One: Download the Software that comes with your Elmo
  1. Navigate to ELMO USA Corp
  2. Find the Image Mate software that matches your Elmo model

  3. Click on the Zipped file and "SAVE" to your computer. 
  4. After saving, double click on folder and run Set-up.

Step Two:  Connect Elmo to Computer using USB cable
  1. It is possible that your Elmo has a gray USB cable included in the box but if not, you can purchase one at any store that carries computer accessories (Walmart, Target, Circuit City)
  2. Plug the round end into the Elmo and the flat end into your computer.
  3. At this point, most computers will conduct a search for new hardware.  If it doesn't do this automatically, you can go to Control Panel then "Add New Hardware".  Follow the screen prompts to add your USB connected device.
  4. Launch the Image Mate for Presentation software
  5. Pressing the "Play" button will display the ELMO image inside the Image Mate for Presentation software.  
  6. Click on the "F" icon that looks like a projection screen.  This will make the presentation FULL screen.

 If the Play button isn't available...... is grayed out..  Try this

Step Three
  1. Place a worksheet on the ELMO platform and focus.
  2. Pick up a SmartBoard pen and write directly onto the projected image.
  3. Save the image into SmartBoard Notebook software by clicking the "Capture Writing" icon.