Welcome to my Writing Minor Portfolio.  The portfolio was done for a capstone project for the Minor's introductory course, for the Fall 2011 term.  The content shown here is primarily work from college, and for college courses and is meant to portray my drafting processes as much as to showcase my completed projects.  Due to the nature of the portfolio, my current focus is on completing the portion of the portfolio that specifically has to do with my coursework in the Minor class.  I will be gradually updating and expanding on the rest of the portfolio content through next year, when I graduate.  In the mean time, please enjoy what I have.  

The portfolio shows me writing many different styles and in many different contexts.  But what it does not show is how sometimes I am conflicted about what I even should be writing.  On the one hand, I admire writers that are concise and informative.  On the other hand, there’s a sneaky, persistent part of me that just wants to write elaborate, dreamy, philosophical passages until the cows come home.  At the beginning of the minor, I thought that this was something that, as they say back home, needed fixin’!  I felt the need to solely develop professional writing, and to merge more purple prosy writing with informative, practical prose.

Now, however, I am not sure that my desire to write in two different ways is really a problem.  No matter how I write, my reasoning goes, at least I am writing.  And more writing = better-quality writing.  It’s just a fact in this day and age that to write one has to be a bit of a social chameleon.  Anyway, if thinking about your own writing is sometimes freeing, overthinking the writing process can bring on writer’s block, or make yourself convinced that what ain’t broke needs fixin’.

About Me

I am a junior in the University of Michigan's Sweetland Center for Writing Minor in Writing program.  I am also currently pursuing a degree in History and Museum Studies, and plan on seeking employment in the museums field after I complete service in the Peace Corps.  Although these interests may seem diverse, they are not disconnected.  Above all, I am grateful to have the opportunity to develop my writing technique across a variety of platforms.