Musical Synopsis

The year is 1980. Students are praying that they will be admitted to New York's High School of the Performing Arts (Hard Work- Pt. 1). The lucky ones are thrust into the first day of school (Hard Work- Pt. 2). The students are divided into the three performing arts disciplines- acting, dance, and music- and the teachers explain how hard the next four years will be.

With big dreams, the students begin their freshman year. Mabel and Carmen are shocked at the attire and footwear they must get for dance class. Schlomo, Lambchops, and Goody discuss forming a band with plans to play everything but classical music, and Nick reveals to Serena that he would like his commercial acting to remain a secret (I Want to Make Magic). Iris arrives while Tyrone struggles with the "uptight" classical style of ballet. After class, an unlikely friendship forms between them.

During Sophomore year (Sophomore Year), Tyrone is falling behind in his academic work, Joe Vegas is trying to win the affections of Carmen, Mabel is struggling with her weight, and Carmen has her sights set on stardom (There She Goes!/Fame). Serena reveals her true feelings for Nick who leaves, suggesting she find another scene partner (Let's Play a Love Scene). Carmen joins Schlomo in the band room and they collaborate on a song (Bring on Tomorrow). Meanwhile, Tyrone and Iris are rehearsing for next year's Junior Festival when Miss Sherman interrupts with news that Tyrone has failed sophomore English and won't be allowed to dance in the festival. Ms. Bell, the dance teacher, is furious (The Teachers' Argument). The teachers' compromise will require Tyrone to attend summer school.

The students begin junior year (Junior Year) and rehearse for the festival (The Junior Festival). Miss Sherman makes it clear that despite Tyrone's talent as a dancer she is still concerned about his academic development. Nick and Serena reaffirm their friendship and put the awkwardness from sophomore year behind them. Carmen has been picked up by a talent scout and is dropping out of the High School of the Performing Arts. Mabel continues to struggle as a dancer (Mabel's Prayer) and decides to change her major to acting. In English class, Miss Sherman confirms her suspicion that Tyrone cannot read. She reaches out to Tyrone, offering to help him.

Senior year arrives for the class of 1984 (Senior Year). Nick replaces Joe Vegas as Romeo opposite Serena's Juliet. Tyrone demonstrates his new ability to read and reveals that he will be repeating his senior year, not taking the easy way out. On graduation day, there is excitement in the air. At the ceremony, the class sings the song written by Schlomo and Carmen, whose rise to stardom ended before it began (Bring on Tomorrow- Reprise). The show ends with a celebratory reprise of "Fame" featuring Carmen (Bows).

These are the scenes and musical numbers for "Fame, Jr":
SCENE ONE: The Opening
Hard Work Part 1.......Full Cast

SCENE TWO: At School
Hard Work Part 2......Full Cast
Hard Work Part 3......Full Cast

SCENE THREE A: Ms. Bell and Dance Students 

SCENE THREE B: Mr. Sheinkopf and Music Students

SCENE THREE C: Serena/Nick 
I Want to Make Magic......Nick

SCENE FOUR: Dance Class

SCENE FIVE: Sophomore Year
Sophomore Year.........Full Cast

SCENE SIX: Lunch Room
There She Goes!/Fame......Full Cast ft. Carmen

Let's Play a Love Scene......Serena

Bring on Tomorrow Part 2.........Schlomo
Bring on Tomorrow Part 3.........Schlomo and Carmen

SCENE NINE: Dance Rehearsal
The Teachers' Argument.........Ms. Bell and Miss Sherman

SCENE TEN: Junior Year
Junior Year.........Full Cast

SCENE ELEVEN: Carmen/Schlomo Hallway

SCENE TWELVE: Backstage at the Junior Festival

SCENE THIRTEEN: The Junior Festival Dress Rehearsal
The Junior Festival.........Full Cast

SCENE FOURTEEN: Nick/Serena Hallway
The Junior Festival.........Full Cast

SCENE FIFTEEN: Carmen Good-bye
The Junior Festival.........Full Cast

SCENE SIXTEEN: Mabel's Prayer
Mabel's Prayer.........Mabel

The Junior Festival.........Full Cast

Senior Year.........Full Cast

SCENE NINETEEN: Romeo and Juliet Rehearsal
The Junior Festival.........Full Cast

SCENE TWENTY: Graduation
Bring on Tomorrow Reprise.........Full Cast
Bows........Full Cast