Musical Synopsis

Tinker Bell and her fellow Fairies introduce the audience to our story ("Fly to Your Heart"). The Darling children, Wendy, Michael, and John, play make-believe in their nursery, imagining themselves in Never Land ("The Elegant Captain Hook"). Mr. Darling comes looking for his cufflinks but discovers that his adventurous children have drawn a treasure map on the back of his last clean shirt. He scolds Wendy for refusing to grow up and trips over Nana, the dog and nursemaid. Mr. Darling banishes Nana from the nursery, explaining that sooner or later, all children must grow up. Mrs. Darling puts the children to bed and Wendy asks her to leave the window open in case Peter Pan returns ("The Second Star to the Right").

While the Darling children slumber, Peter Pan and Tinker Bell sneak into the nursery in search of Peter's lost shadow. Wendy wakes up and excitedly tells Peter tha tshe doesn't want to grow up. He offers to take Wendy and her brothers back to Never Land. Peter teaches Wendy and her brothers to fly, and they set off into the night ("You Can Fly/Fly to Your Heart").

On a ship docked in Never Land, the Pirates of the island are up to no good ("Yo Ho a Pirate's Life for Me"). Captain Hook plots with his first mate, Smee on how to seek revenge on Peter. They decide to capture Tiger Lily in hopes that they can force her to help. Their plotting is interrupted by the nefarious crocodile who ate Captain Hook's hand after Peter cut if off ("Never Smile at a Crocodile"). Suddenly, Captain Hook spots Peter Pan in the distance and orders his crew to fire. Peter sends the Darlings with Tinker Bell while he goes on to face Captain Hook himself.

A jealous Tinker Bell flies the Darlings toward the Lost Boys' hideout ("You Can Fly Reprise"), then flies ahead to tell the boys that Wendy is a bird that Peter wants them to hunt. Peter discovers Tinker Bel's trick and banishes her for one week. Luckily Wendy recovers and flies off with Peter to retaliate against Captain Hook. Peter leaves John in charge ("Following the Leader"), but the boys are quickly captured by the natives and are accused of kidnapping Tiger Lily.

Wendy and Peter meet the Mermaids, who try to convince Wendy to swim with them ("Sunbeams and Sea"). Peter and Wendy spot Captain Hook and Smee with the captured Tiger Lily and concoct a plan to save the Princess. Peter distracts Hook, while Wendy sets Tiger Lily free.

Back at the camp, the Lost Boys celebrate that Tiger Lily's safe. Peter takes full credit for Tiger Lily's rescue, which makes Wendy angry. Meanwhile, Captain Hook stumbles upon the banished Tinker Bell. Using her jealousy to his advantage, he convinces her to tell him where Peter and the Lost Boys live.

At the hideout, Wendy tells Peter that he should be less conceited, and the boys beg her to tell a story, calling her "Mother". Wendy explains that she has only been playing and how wonderful a real mom can be ("Your Mother and Mine"). Her song helps John and Michael to remember their own mom. The Lost Boys suddenly want a mother too! John declares that they all must return to the nursery at once.

Meanwhile, Captain Hook and his crew have devised a plan to get revenge on Peter Pan. While he is out of the room, the pirates snatch Wendy, Michael, John, and the Lost Boys and leave Peter a beautifully wrapped present. The pirates pirates take their captives to the ship and force them to choose to join the crew or meet their doom ("Walk the Plank"). The boys are certain that Peter will save the day, unaware that Hook has given him a dynamite pie! Realizing what she has done, Tinker Bell calls on her fairy friends for help, and they fly to Peter's aid.

Peter arrives just in time to fight Hook in one last battle. Peter wins and banishes Hook from Never Land. Wendy and the Lost Boys rejoice, and with a little help from Tinker Bell, fly the pirate ship back to the Darlings' nursery.

These are the scenes and musical numbers for "Peter Pan":
SCENE ONE: The Darling Nursery
Fly to Your Heart (Part 1).......The Fairies, Tinker Bell
The Elegant Captain Hook.....Wendy, Michael, John
The Second Star to the Right (Part 1).....Wendy, The Fairies
The Second Star to the Right (Part 2)......Wendy
You Can Fly (Part 1).................Peter, Wendy, John, Michael
You Can Fly/Fly to Your Heart (Part 2)......Peter, Wendy, John

SCENE TWO: The Night Sky
You Can Fly/Fly to Your Heart (Part 2)......Tinker Bell, The Fairies, Chorus

SCENE THREE: The Pirate Ship
Yo Ho, A Pirate's Life for Me.....Pirates
Never Smile at a Crocodile......Captain Hook, Pirates

SCENE FOUR: The Forest
You Can Fly (Reprise 1)......John, Michael, Wendy
Following the Leader.......The Lost Children, Never Land Natives, 

SCENE FIVE: The Mermaid Lagoon
Sunbeams and Sea (Part 1 and 2).........Mermaids

SCENE SIX: The Never Land Native Camp

SCENE SEVEN: Hook's Cabin

SCENE EIGHT: The Lost Boy's Secret Hideout
Your Mother and Mine.........Wendy, Lost Boys, Pirates

SCENE NINE: The Pirate Ship
Walk the Plank.........Pirates, Captain Hook

SCENE TEN: The Darling Nursery
You Can Fly (Reprise 2).........Wendy, John, Michael
You Can Fly/Fly to Your Heart (Part 3).........The Fairies, Chorus, Peter Pan, Tinker Bell