Music for Download

Please click the links below to download and rehearse your music:

 Song Title:Vocal Version:
(for practice)
Instrumental Version:
(what we'll use in the show)
Study tracks:
(SLOW versions of just the vocal notes to help learn your parts - if needed)
Fathom's BelowV-Fathom's BelowI-Fathom's Below
 Sebastian's FanfareV-Sebastian's FanfareI-Sebastian's Fanfare 
 Daughters of TritonV-Daughter's of TritonI-Daughters of Triton 
 Where's ArielV-Where's Ariel?I-Where's Ariel? 
 Finding ScuttleV-Finding ScuttleI-Finding Scuttle 
 Human StuffV-Human StuffI-Human Stuff 
 Into King Triton's CourtV-Into CourtI-Into Court 
 Part of Your WorldV-Part of Your WorldI-Part of Your World 
 Under the SeaV-Under the SeaI-Under the Sea 
 Prince Eric's ShipV-Prince Eric's ShipI-Prince Eric's Ship 
 The StormV-The StormI-The Storm 
 Part of Your World (Reprise 1)V-World Reprise 1I-World Reprise 1 
 Part of Your World (Reprise 2)V-World Reprise 2I-World Reprise 2 
 She's in LoveV-She's in LoveI-She's in Love 
 Flounder FloundersV-Flounder FloundersI-Flounder Flounders 
 Poor Unfortunate SoulsV-Poor Unfortunate SoulsI-Poor Unfortunate Souls 
 Beluga SevrugaV-Beluga SevrugaI-Beluga Sevruga 
 Eric EntersV-Eric EntersI-Eric Enters 
 Les PoissonsV-Les PoissonsI-Les Poissons 
 The Palace HallV-The Palace HallI-The Palace Hall 
 One Step CloserV-One Step CloserI-One Step Closer 
 Kiss the GirlV-Kiss the Girl I-Kiss the Girl 
 The ContestV-The ContestI-The Contest 
 Time's UpV-Time's UpI-Time's Up 
 Ursula's LairV-Ursula's LairI-Ursula's Lair 
 Poor Unfortunate Souls (Reprise)V-Poor Souls RepriseI-Poor Souls Reprise 
 Human AgainV-Human AgainI-Human Again 
 Part of Your World (Finale)V-Part World (Finale)I-Part World Finale 
 Under the Sea (Bows)V-BowsI-Bows