Music for Download

Please click the links below to download and rehearse your music:

 Song Title:Vocal Version:
(for practice)
Instrumental Version:
(what we'll use in the show)

Hard Work Pt. 1V-Hard Work Pt.1 I-Hard Work Pt. 1
Hard Work Pt. 2
V-Hard Work Pt. 2I-Hard Work Pt. 2 
Hard Work Pt. 3
V-Hard Work Pt. 3I-Hard Work Pt. 3 
I Want to Make MagicV-I Want to Make MagicI-I Want to Make Magic 
Sophomore Year
V-Sophomore YearI-Sophomore Year 
There She Goes/Fame
V-There She Goes/FameI-There She Goes/Fame 
Let's Play a Love SceneV-Let's Play a Love SceneI-Let's Play a Love Scene 
Bring on Tomorrow Pt. 2
V-Bring on Tomorrow Pt. 2I-Bring On Tomorrow Pt. 2 
Bring on Tomorrow Pt. 3V-Bring on Tomorrow Pt. 3I-Bring on Tomorrow Pt. 3 
The Teachers' ArgumentV-The Teachers' ArgumentI-The Teachers' Argument 
Junior YearV-Junior YearI-Junior Year 
The Junior FestivalV-The Junior FestivalI-The Junior Festival 
Mabel's PrayerV-Mabel's PrayerI-Mabel's Prayer 
Senior YearV-Senior YearI-Senior Year 
Bring On Tomorrow (Reprise)V-Bring on Tomorrow (Reprise)I-Bring on Tomorrow (Reprise) 








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Nov 30, 2014, 12:14 PM