Music for Download

Please click the links below to download and rehearse your music:

 Song Title:Vocal Version:
(for practice)
Instrumental Version:
(what we'll use in the show)

Big Bright Beautiful WorldV-Big Bright Beautiful WorldI-Big Bright Beautiful World
Story of My Life
V-Story of My LifeI-Story of My Life 
What's Up Duloc? (Pt 1)
V-What's Up Duloc? (Pt 1)I-What's Up Duloc? (Pt 1) 
What's Up Duloc?(Pt 2)
V-What's Up Duloc?(Pt 2)I-What's Up Duloc? (Pt 2) 
What's Up Duloc? (Reprise)
V-What's Up Duloc? (Reprise)I-What's Up Duloc? (Reprise) 
I Know It's Today
V-I Know It's TodayI-I Know It's Today 
Travel Song
V-Travel SongI-Travel Song 
This is How a Dream Comes TrueV-This is How a Dream Comes TrueI-This is How a Dream Comes True 
Morning PersonV-Morning PersonI-Morning person 
I Think I Got You BeatV-I Think I Got You BeatI-I Think I Got You Beat 
Make a MoveV-Make a MoveI-Make a Move 
Morning Person (Reprise)V-Morning Person (Reprise)I-Morning Person (Reprise) 
Freak FlagV-Freak FlagI-Freak Flag 
Big Bright Beautiful World (Reprise)V-Big Bright Beautiful World (Reprise)I-Big Bright Beautiful World (Reprise) 
I'm a BelieverV-I'm a BelieverI-I'm a Believer 







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Nov 30, 2014, 12:14 PM