Character Descriptions

Character Breakdown

ALICEA spunky girl who enjoys adventures and is on a journey of self-discovery. Alice should be a strong singer and actor since she has the largest number of lines and songs.  
Range: Bb3 - Eb4 
CHESHIRE CATServes as the narrator for the story. This non-singing role should be a very strong speaker. This role must also be a good storyteller and be able to speak very clearly.
WHITE RABBITThis character is an energetic, worrisome character that hardly ever stops moving. This character must exude a lot of energy and rapid-fire change of focus.
Range: C4 - E5 
TWEEDLE DUM & TWEEDLE DEEThese are a pair of goofballs similar to old comedy teams like Abbott and Costello or Laurel and Hardy. They work well as a team and also have a song together with Alice.
Range: C4- Eb5

MATHILDAThis is Alice's older sister. It is a non-singing role, but should be a person who can speak loudly and clearly.
FLOWERSThe flowers are the snooty, mean girls who think they are the most important people in the whole world. There are five named flowers, but it is possible to add more. Flowers need to be stronger singers who can handle harmony.  
Range: B3 - D4 
CATERPILLARPart sensei, part diva, the Caterpillar is one cool character who needs to be able to sing, dance, and act well. He/She provides the heart for the story and really convinces Alice to be herself.
Range: Ab3 - C4 
MAD HATTERHe is the life of the tea party and should be an actor who can perform larger than life. The character is very silly and has a song; although, it is an easy song to "speak-sing" to if necessary.
Range: Bb4 - Bb5 
MARCH HAREThe March Hare is the counterpart to the Mad Hatter and also enjoys a good party. A little less crazy than the Mad Hatter, the March Hare is a happy fun character who enjoys playing. The song is the same as the Mad Hatter song, and it is easy to "speak-sing" if necessary.
Range: Bb4-Bb5
QUEEN OF HEARTSThe Queen of Hearts is the big mean bully of the story. This actor should have a full resonant voice and is able to follow music well. The Queen of Hearts must have a commanding presence and should be a little scary, but funny at the same time.
Range: C3-C4

KING OF HEARTSHe is often forgotten ruler of Wonderland. The actor for this role must be able to handle some very high-level vocabulary. 

DOORKNOBThis role will be played by a chorus member who can be funny and interact with Alice.
DODO BIRDHe is the captain of the Queen's Navy and needs to be able to act well. he is in command of the lobsters and other animals, and he is another of Wonderland's vibrant characters.
Range: C4 - D5 
CHORUSThe chorus will make up all of Wonderland's interesting creatures. They will be kids playing in the park, rock lobsters, talking fish, royal cards men, unbirthday partiers, and more! They will be featured in many song and dance numbers throughout the show, with opportunities for features in many of the songs.
Range: C3 - E4