Character Descriptions

Character Breakdown

A young man focussed on learning the craft of "real" acting. Sings I Want to Make Magic, featured in The Junior Festival with Serena, small part in Bring on Tomorrow Reprise
SERENASerena loves the life of an artist but is equally as interested in boys, specifically Nick. Sings Let's Play a Love Scene, featured in The Junior Festival with Nick, small part in Bring on Tomorrow Reprise
JOE VEGASThe class clown who loves performing on and off stage. Small singing part in Hard Work Pt. 2, Hard Work Pt. 3, 
TYRONETyrone has talent, but he wanted to use it his own way rather than conform to the school's rules. He is constantly switching between his tough-guy persona and a young man trying to woo Iris.

CARMENBelieves she is ready for stardom, and nothing is going to stop her. Sings There She Goes!/Fame, Bring on Tomorrow Pt 2 with Schlomo, 

Iris pretends she is wealthy and high-class but drops these pretenses once she feels comfortable.
MABELMabel enjoys performing as much as she hates dieting. Mabel eventually learns to be happy with herself and her body, but not before fully experiencing the pains of being a dancer. Sings Mabel's Prayer, small part in Bring on Tomorrow Reprise
SCHLOMO Schlomo is a really likable guy who tries to get along with everyone. Sings Bring on Tomorrow Part 2 with Carmen, 
MISS SHERMANA powerful, strong women who firmly believes academic subjects are the core of solid education. Sings The Teachers' Argument with Ms. Bell, 
MS. BELLA passionate teacher who is not afraid to push her students to reach their full artistic potential. Sings The Teachers' Argument with Miss Sherman, 

MR. MEYERSHe is perhaps the most relaxed of the teachers, but he still demands full commitment from the students.

MR. SHEINKOPFHe adds a bit of comic relief to the show but still doesn't let up when there is work to be done. 
LAMBCHOPSGrace is a drummer with a lively personality. 
Goody is the third band member. Small singing part in Hard Work Pt. 2

Other music and dance students at the school.