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This page lists all of the mouse and keyboard inputs used by RoboViz. The general and camera sections apply to both live and logfile modes of operation.


escape / qquit RoboViz
F1enter full-screen mode


lmb-dragrotate camera in place
rmb-hold / page uptranslate camera up
mwheel +translate camera forward 
mwheel -translate camera backward
w / up arrowtranslate camera forward  (along field plane)
a / left arrowtranslate camera left
s / down arrowtranslate camera backward (along field plane)
d / right arrowtranslate camera right
page downtranslate camera down
1 - 7sets camera to predefined positions
spacebarenable ball tracking / automated camera mode

Live Mode

 Input  Function
lmb-clickselect object; deselects if no object is under cursor
ctrl-lmb-clickmoves selected object to cursor position
odisplay play-mode screen
up arrowselect previous item in list (play mode screen)
down arrowselect next item in list (play mode screen)
pdisplay drawings panel
ttoggle all drawings
fdisplay 2D field overlay
idisplay robot player numbers
lfree kick left
rfree kick right
bdrop ball
kkick off (left)
vtoggle robot perspective (when agent selected)

Logfile Mode

 Input  Function
 p toggle pause / play
 r rewind to start of log
 z increase playback speed 
 x decrease playback speed 

lmb = left mouse button
rmb = right mouse button
mwheel = mouse wheel (+ is rotate up, - is rotate down)
ctrl = while holding control (cmd key on Macintosh) key