Welcome to the RoboViz Project

RoboViz is a software program designed to assess and develop agent behaviors in a multi-agent system, the RoboCup 3D simulated soccer league. RoboViz is an interactive monitor that renders agent and world state information in a three-dimensional scene. In addition, RoboViz provides programmable drawing and debug functionality to agents that can communicate over a network. 

The tool facilitates the real-time visualization of agents running concurrently on the SimSpark simulator, and provides higher-level analysis and visualization of agent behaviors not currently possible with existing tools. You can see a visual comparison of RoboViz (left) and SimSpark monitor (right) below:

If you use RoboViz in your research, we would appreciate it if you refer to our original paper:

Stoecker J, Visser U: RoboViz: Programmable Visualization for Simulated Soccer. In RoboCup 2011: Robot Soccer World Cup XV. edited by Röfer T, Mayer NM, Savage J, Saranli U Springer Berlin / Heidelberg; 2012:282–293

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