Rabi Ul Awal Umrah Packages 2016

Rabi Ul Awal Umrah Packages 2016 - Umrah prices in the month of Rabi ul Awal 2016 and best offers Umrah programs Rabi ul Awal full conclusion of Mecca and enjoy with New Hi Lights Tours booked Umrah programs Rabi Ul Awal and enjoy with us cheaper offers trips Umrah prices , the month of Rabi Ul Awal in 2016 from Pakistan with the best Hajj companies and Umrah , Pakistan, Enjoy us to order Umrah programs Rabi Ul Awal 2016 and try to reserve flights Aamrh flight from Pakistan for the year 2016 ✔ first ten Amra days of Rabi Ul Awal and the end of the Qur'an program in Mecca. The way to travel: airline Pakistan Air / Saudi Arabian Airlines (s / city directly / Jeddah / s).

Cost of Rabi Ul Awal Umrah Packages 2016 Pakistan

▶ The cost  Rabi Ul Awal Umrah Packages trip for everyone in the Sharing room: Rs 110,000 .

▶ Cost of Umrah trip for everyone in the quad room: Rs 110,000 .

▶ Umrah trip per person in a triple room Price : 115,000 PKR

▶ The cost of Rabi Ul Awal Umrah Packages 2016 trip for everyone in the Twin Room: 125,000 PKR.

Travel , in December 2016  8 days in Medina - 6 days in Makkah

● Makkah Hotel: 800M Ibrahim Khalil Street ★★★★★

● Hotel city: turquoise North Central goodness just steps from the door of the visit ★★★★★ airline city directly - the return in Rabi Ul Awal.

✔ programs include the following: -

Issuing Umrah visa and air ticket and hotel accommodation in Makkah and city and Alontqlat inside the kingdom. - transfers in the kingdom comprehensive shrines in Mecca and Medina modern Botobissat conditioned model 2014 - Supervisor of the company 's highly experienced to accompany the pilgrims and do the comfort and the work of a collective weight of courier service that was allowed to do so. - the company gives in- kind gifts (bag of documents + Shoes bag + Umrah booklet + for Apple trunk )

Umra programs supply unequaled levels, and throughout the year, underneath the saying of quality in performance and leadership within the market. that embrace travel, accommodation, transportation and counsel.

Rabi Ul Awal Umrah Packages 2016 Pakistan

Service options of Rabi Ul Awal Umrah Packages

  • 5-star and 4-star and 3-star near the Grand house of worship in Mecca hotels.
  • Special services for business and influential person.
  • Special rates for homeowners of company donors for Umrah
  • Good rates for teams, corporations and hospitals.
  • Cheapest Ramadan rates.
  • Airline reservations unsure.
  • Programs by solely land teams.
  • A lot of alternative programs and programs on demand.
  • VIP Umrah Packages Pakistan

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✔ Rabi Ul Awal Umrah Packages required Documents:

1. a passport valid for at least 6 months.

2. number 2 photos with a white background (women pictures veil)

3. the health certificate certified payment receipt from the Ministry of Health.

4. for women, for it seemed and there is taboo for women less than 45 years also announce Hajj land prices of 5 stars & Aviation: (especially of the trade unions and bodies, associations and tourism companies prices) address and telephone

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