29th of July 2011 - Beta-Big-Bang 1

Cloud, Java desktop and Android app as servers.
Places and Virtual Places.
Images upload.
Super Forum with integrated chat and 3D meeting point.
Basic camera, avatar and object animations.

December 2012 - Beta-Big-Bang 2

Audio/Video conferencing browser based via WebRTC
Image sizes optimization and image caching (depends on File API).

June 2013 - Beta-Big-Bang 3
Super Whiteboard
File management for Desktop and Android App as servers.
Advanced animations.
Group management tools.

September 2013 - Big-Bang!

Syhncronization among cloud and several instances of apps.
Audio/video conferencing among browsers, desktop and Android apps.
Fully operational for Massive Online Open Courses (MOOC).

December 2013 - Bigger-Bang.
Fully operational for Hospital Information Systems (HIS).
Integration with Facebook and Google+.
Integration with UML with 3D visualization and editing.