One of the most innovative features of Umniverse is in how it enables people to collaborate.

We used education case-studies to test our ideas namely challenging Massive Online Open Courses.

To obtain more information on how learning and training can excel in Umniverse check Even if most of the information is still in scientific paper format, below is a picture 

as a teaser on how you can participate simultaneously in two classes, each one on a square, and being

able to share a Forum between both.  Lines are now showing who on the other class has contributed!

Public test: 10th April 2014

With one hundred video conference participants from all over the world. 

Will use desktop/laptop computers with 
Chrome browsers, Webcam and Internet 
connections of 20 Mbit/s or better.

Public test: 10 September 2014

Public test: Date to be announced

Public test: Date to be announced